Innovation, design and impact, this is our mission statement. Red Hills Media

Armed with cutting edge tools, software and imaging equipment Red Hills Media is able to create a lasting impression for your company.

SQL Database management, PHP programming, Photography, Virtual Tours and creative Web Development.

Property Tours

Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours, serving the Tri-Counties, Yamhill and Marion Counties.

PDX Real Estate Photography

Less then 24 hour turn around. $150.00 for an all HDR shoot.

For when it has to be the best.

Business Tours

Bring your business to life with a Virtual Tour. Showcase your business with a fully interactive 360-degree Virtual Tour.

Jones Photography

In need of a photographer with imagination? Award winning Jones photography works outside the box and listens to you, the client.

Fine Art Photography
For Sale

From the board room to the living room, choose from almost 1000 images of the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska) for that special enhancement to your living space.

RHM Panoramas and Gigapixel Images

If you desires run to something spectacular, prints up to twenty feet, check out our board room art, or commission the a scene. RHM also creates museum Virtual Tours, a great way to attract visitors or share passion with the rest of the world.

It Was Built On Faith
Virtual Tours of places of worship

Started as a hobby, RHM has published Tours and Images of religious buildings, preserving outstanding in art for generations to come. Have a house of worship you would like to have a tour created for, drop them a line.